Ted Mcgrath – The “Woodworking Guru” Revealed

teds woodworkingTed Mcgrath – “Woody” as he likes to be called is the man behind Teds Woodworking Plans.  He is a member of the architectural woodwork institute (AWI) which has represented woodworkers for close to 60 years. And, a professional woodworker himself.

Ted first got into woodworking over 30 years ago and has been an experienced carpenter ever since.

Having such passion for woodworking he would at times (when first starting out) find it frustrating not having all the necessary resources for getting the best results.

After experiementing around with a range of different projects however, he was able to combine his vast knowledge that he acquired from years of practice in the field together with that of others to create a complete package that anyone could easily follow in one simple to use resource. And, help others avoid many of the pitfalls that can often come with woodworking projects.

With that goal in mind two years later Teds Woodworking Plans was born.

What this is is a complete DIY woodworking package that he put together to help anyone from a total woodworking newbie to even the experienced craftsman get any project off the ground and moving in the right direction fast.

He’s taken into account all the measurements for bits of wood, the tools etc… so, you get the job done right. Which will help you save alot of time and money. This has gained increasing popularity over the years and was awarded the reader’s choice award in 2009.

What Ted has done is put together a huge resource for woodworking hobbyists and professionals alike and made this  easily accessible all in one place so you can start creating beautiful wood projects that you’ll fall in love with.

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