Why Should You Listen to John Metz?

woodworking 4 home Who is John Metz anyway?  John Metz is a professional woodworker from Wisconsin in the United States who has been actively involved in woodworking for over 20 years. His experience and expertise is from his own years of dealing with all kinds of different projects, through trial and error.

One of the biggest problems he found doing these projects was that many were incomplete, or didn’t have the correct dimensions when it came to measurements, meaning that the projects would never come out right.

This was extremely frustrating to him, and so he decided that people needed a way to have plans brought to them that were straightforward, not too complicated, and most of all accurate.

After conducting his own research across 6 years of purchasing and devouring different woodworking plans he eventually combined his own skills and experience in the woodworking business and put together his own program to help others finally complete the projects they had originally began.

What he came up with was really a complete package with thousands of different plans that include pictures, diagrams, and instructions that are easy to follow and help guide individuals to creating a successful wooden project regardless of skill level or expertise.

His large compilation of ideas is designed to help save others time and be more accessable to everyone. Where professional results can be achieved without necessarily needing to be a seasoned expert.

Infact he’s already got over 3800 hobbyists, beginners, craftsmen and pros using his remarkable compilation of woodworking plans and guides.  John is always thinking up new plans and ideas, and as these come to fruition they will be added to the program at no extra charge.

What’s also nice is that he’s made himself available to his customers via email so, should you have a querry about anything he’s more than happy to help.

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