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Bookcase PlansWhether you’ve been looking for plans on how to build a bookcase or simply some tips, rest assure you’ve arrived at the right site.

If you can spare a couple of minutes and read the information shared on this page, you will without a doubt save yourself a tremendous amount of time.

Below, I will share with you just where you can get your hands on 17 high quality downloadable bookcase plans.

Must Read…

As I first began searching on the net for woodworking plans, I thought that I wouldn’t have any trouble locating free plans that I could put to use with stright away.

However, what I soon found out was there wasn’t really a great deal of quality plans around. Many of which lacked measurments, weren’t printable, and pretty incomplete.

I was quite frustrated really.

In the end I did manage to find a solution though.

I Finally found the plans I was after…

It took many hours of searching and frustration, but I finally found a good set of quality woodworking plans that also covered 17 different plans for bookcases.

These are the sites I discovered:

1. Teds Woodworking (#1 selling woodworking plans of 2011)

2. Woodworking 4 Home

What I later found out was that these two products are the most downloaded woodworking plans online. And, have been for several years.

Warning: Both these products do not only cover bookcase plans. You’ll find a whole range of others as well. However, Ted’s Woodworking in particular has 17 bookcase plans.

Tips to Turn Your Next Woodworking Project Into a Masterpiece

If you remember the following tips when building a bookcase, you can be sure your project will be a great success.

Assuming that you’ve already decided on the style of bookcase that you want to build, let’s take a quick look at some of the other things you’ll need to decide on before you fire up your saw.

Selecting the Type of Wood to Use

One of the most important things, other than the design of the actual shelves, is the type of wood you want to work with. Obviously, different types of wood have different characteristics; some are prized for their durability, while others show beautiful fine grain patterns and color changes.

Maple and walnut are both popular woods for woodworking, but you might also want to consider some more exotic woods such as ebony or purpleheart.

Tip 1 – Joinery Techniques

Once you’ve decided the type of wood you want to work with, it’s also important to consider the types of joinery techniques you’ll be using (for those novice woodworkers, ‘joinery’ simply refers to the various techniques for joining two pieces of wood.)

If you’re a novice, you will probably get the best results by keeping things simple and using metal screws or wooden pegs, but if you’re the more adventurous woodworker, you can obtain extra strength from your bookcase by using dovetail joints in the exterior frame.

This type of joinery requires careful precision cutting work, so be aware of that before you begin.

Tip 2 – Varnishing Your Masterpiece  

Finally, to really turn your bookcase project into a woodworking masterpiece, it’s important to consider the type of finish that you want to use once construction is complete.

If you’ve selected one of the more exotic woods that we mentioned above, it’s probably best to finish the piece with a clear varnish that will protect the wood while letting its natural beauty show though.

If you’re working with one of the more traditional woods, however, there are a wide variety of different color stains, varnishes and paint treatments to choose from that can give your piece some added visual interest.

Tip 3 – Stay Safe

As always, when you’re working with high-speed saws and other potentially dangerous equipment, always be sure to follow proper safety procedures, such as donning protective eyewear and making sure to properly care for your tools after use.

Learn More…

I hope you enjoyed the information shared above. While the tips can be useful to know, the only way to get your bookcase completed is by following through.

I recommend you head on over and take a look at the bookcase plans I discussed earlier. There you can see just what it provides.

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Happy Woodworking!


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