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Loft Bed Plans
Much like a number of other woodworking projects out there, often times locating quality loft bed plans online can be quite challenging. If you've found this to be the case, then in the next few minutes I promise to share with you the best place I’ve found to get hold of loft bed plans, together with some useful tips for building your loft bed that will definitely help you save a lot of precious [...]
Garage Plans
Should you be looking for some garage plans that you can download and put to use straight away you've arrived at the right place. There's something that I want to get this off my chest first though... Most Garage Plans Found Online are Unbelievably Overpriced! Here are just a couple examples that I came across online - Site # 1 Garage Plans for $125 Site # 2 Garage Plans for $250 While [...]
Bookcase Plans
Whether you've been looking for plans on how to build a bookcase or simply some tips, rest assure you've arrived at the right site. If you can spare a couple of minutes and read the information shared on this page, you will without a doubt save yourself a tremendous amount of time. Below, I will share with you just where you can get your hands on 17 high quality downloadable bookcase plans. Must [...]
Top 6 Hand Tools for Woodworking
Wondering which tools you should have at your disposel for the woodworking project you have lined up? From backsaws to gimlets to surforms, woodworking is full of beautiful and often somewhat esoteric tools. Buy them all at once, and you'll be out a fortune. On the other hand, there are four tools that are neither esoteric nor expensive... and they're so useful you may use them on any project. Useful [...]
5 Woodwork Safety Tips
Whether you're involved in woodworking as a hobby, or as a profession it is important to read through the following tips to ensure you remain safe in the workshop at all times. This is especially important if you ever find yourself doing projects with kids around. They should always be supervised, and only be allowed to use tools with your assistance. While there are many different tips that relate [...]
Woodworking 4 Home Review – An Inside Look into This Program
If you've found yourself struggling to complete a woodworking project because either the measurements or plans you've been using has been incomplete, then Woodworking 4 Home by John Metz might be just what you need. This extensive assortment of woodworking projects and plans has been put together as a guide for anyone who's got a keen interest in woodworking. It covers practically everything to [...]
Why Should You Listen to John Metz?
Who is John Metz anyway?  John Metz is a professional woodworker from Wisconsin in the United States who has been actively involved in woodworking for over 20 years. His experience and expertise is from his own years of dealing with all kinds of different projects, through trial and error. One of the biggest problems he found doing these projects was that many were incomplete, or didn’t have [...]
Ted Mcgrath – The “Woodworking Guru” Revealed
Ted Mcgrath - "Woody" as he likes to be called is the man behind Teds Woodworking Plans.  He is a member of the architectural woodwork institute (AWI) which has represented woodworkers for close to 60 years. And, a professional woodworker himself. Ted first got into woodworking over 30 years ago and has been an experienced carpenter ever since. Having such passion for woodworking he would at [...]
Woodworking Projects for Beginners
  by  Jordanhill School D&T Dept  Click Here for More Ideas Learning woodworking can be both thrilling and rewarding at the same time; however, in the beginning it will require a fair bit of time and patience to get good at it. The best way to learn woodworking is to start with simple projects that require minimal skills and basic hand tools such as hammers, screwdrivers, [...]
Ted’s Woodworking Review – Is it Really Worth the Investment?
Teds Woodworking Plans (put together by Ted Mcgrath) is the ultimate all-in-one woodworking package designed to help anyone from a total beginner to even the seasoned wood expert get their project off the ground quickly and easily the first time around. With a massive 16,000 plans available to browse through at your own leisure, you'll find that you're practically spoilt for choice when it comes [...]
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